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I WILL SING OUT IN JOY - בְּמַעֲשֵׂי יָדֶיךָ אֲרַנֵּן

(Transliterated from Hebrew: “Bemaasei Yadecha Aranen”) It is dedicated to the memory of her father, Eliezer Jakob, a Rabbi and Cantor who taught her, by his evocative tenor voice and joy of singing to love Jewish music.

The album is Jakob’s antidote to depression. The name Aranen ארנן was given to her youngest son with the idea that it was finally time to sing out in joy in response to all that God has created. She has been enamored with singing Jewish music, especially accompanied by harmonies at the Shabat table and in the synagogue. “This has been the most uplifting part of my Shabat.” On this CD is a group of songs Jakob has composed to some popular liturgical verses. She is glad for the opportunity to begin to share them with you.

The Album

Featured album with 13 original Jewish song composed by Margalit Jakob. Available on your favorite music platform.

The Song Book

Play along to the 13 songs from the album + 13 new songs not yet released.

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